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A: We are not local to many of our properties. In an effort to keep costs low, we do not hire photographers. The photos we use in the ad are of the surrounding areas. We welcome you to visit the property any time that is convenient for you. We just ask for a heads up before you go to ensure the property is still available.

A: We are land investors and not real estate agents. Our properties are not listed on the MLS since they are sold privately as off market opportunities

A: We recommend contacting a local Well Driller for specific information.

A: Most of our team is located in Portland, OR and we have team members throughout the country.

A: The majority of our properties are raw/undeveloped parcels of land with no utilities on site. However, many properties have utilities nearby. If there are homes in the area, there may be access to utilities and you’ll need to work with the local utility company for pricing/installation

A: Since we are not local to many of our properties, the option to meet is not always available. The PD Realty Group team is located in the Portland area. If you are able to meet there, we will do our best to accommodate a convenient meeting location. A majority of our transactions are conducted virtually as we work with properties and people throughout the country.

A: Many of our properties are listed for a cash/wholesale purchase opportunity. However, we may consider financing depending on the property. If purchasing a property on terms, the principal is closer to market value as we use our personal capital to back the loan. If you provide us with the amount of down payment and ideal monthly payment amount, we will determine a possible financing solution. You can also purchase using external financing and we will treat it like a cash purchase!

A: Yes! You may view the property any time that is convenient for you. We just ask for advanced notification to ensure the property is still available. We are happy to provide you with the GPS coordinates and available maps for the property. We also recommend downloading an app called “LandGlide” (free 30-day trial) and using the property ID to find the property boundaries (GPS oriented). This will make finding the property a breeze!

A: Since we are experts with buying and selling raw land, we conduct all of our due diligence in house through a Title subscription service. If closing directly with us, all closing costs are wrapped into the purchase price which saves you additional money! When a property is purchased for cash, we will prepare the appropriate documents for you to sign and we’ll either finalize the purchase directly with the preparation/filing of a new deed or work with a preferred Title Company. You’ll receive the original recorded document in the mail within a few weeks. If purchased on terms, the deed is maintained in our entity name until the Promissory Note is paid in full. At that time, we follow the same steps as a cash purchase to record the new deed with the county.

A: We completely understand your hesitation and want to ensure you are comfortable with your purchase. We are a registered business and more than happy to answer any questions that you have throughout the purchase process. We buy and sell hundreds of properties each year, and it is important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your investment.

A: If the property is zoned as residential or commercial, the property is likely buildable. We recommend that you contact the county’s Planning/Zoning department for the most accurate information.

A: You may visit our website at https://pdrealtygroup.com, select “payments,” and click on the blue “Invest Today” button. There you will enter in your information for the $250 document prep fee. Once this has been done, please let me know so that we may verify payment and alert the team to stop marketing immediately. We will need additional information from you at that point to compile closing documents.

A: In an effort to reduce costs and continue passing the savings along to our customers, we often are unable to hire photographers. In addition, many of our properties are remote and the option does not exist. The photos we use in our ads are typically of the surrounding area and nearby points of interest.